terça-feira, dezembro 30, 2003

To celebrate a birthday on Monday would be a tragedy (Tuesday is much
better), but in this time of year weeks are not what we are used to anyway.
Most people are on holidays and have gone abroad or simply somewhere else,
so I am accustomed to not celebrating my birthday with too many people.

Today is just business as usual to me. Maybe I'll gather some
friends on Saturday, after the new years' celebration for I hate
co-celebrations. I already have some trouble trying not to be obfuscated by
he-who-claims-to-be-the-son-of-God's birthday let alone the closer birth of
the new year.

Celebrating a quarter of a century does put things in perspective.

Alexander, the Great was king by his 18th birthday and by the age of 21 he
was ruler of the world.

Either things have become slower to obtain or I'm just overdue.

-- assorted writings

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