sexta-feira, maio 13, 2005


Ille mi par esse deo uidetur,
ille, si fas est, superare diuos,
qui sedens aduersus identidem te
spectat et audit
dulce ridentem, misero quod omnis
eripit sensus mihi: nam simul te,
Lesbia, aspexi, nihil est super mi
vocis in ore;
lingua sed torpet, tenuis sub artus
flamma demanat, sonitu suopte
tintinant aures, gemina et teguntur
lumina nocte.
otium, Catulle, tibi molestum est:
otio exsultas nimiumque gestis:
otium et reges prius et beatas
perdidit urbes.

quinta-feira, maio 12, 2005

Age of Consent

Recently, the Portuguese Constitutional Court stroke down article 175 of the Penal Code, which punished homosexual acts with adolescents between 16 and 18 years of age with imprisonment.

The Court, whose powers include judicial review of the constitutionality of laws, has deemed the article unconstitutional because it violates the principle of equality. This opinion is certainly not unrelated to the fact that the Constitution has been amended recently to include sexual orientation as a ground for non-discrimination.

This is surprising because Portugal does not have a tradition of legislative innovation through judicial decisions.

The age of consent is thus now the same regardless of the sex of the participants.

If this legislative reform had come from Parliament it would have shown that MPs have, at least, a notion of coherence, since they were the ones who revised the Constitution but pusillanismously failed to propagate the changes to the rest of the legal order. This way MPs have averted any sort of public scrutiny but have also shown an unwillingness to do what they were elected for.

terça-feira, maio 10, 2005

Europe Day

Yesterday we celebrated the Europe Day.

Est Europa nunc unita
et unita maneat;
una in diversitate
pacem mundi augeat.

Semper regant in Europa
fides et iustitia
et libertas populorum
in maiore patria.

Cives, floreat Europa,
opus magnum vocat vos.
Stellae signa sunt in caelo
aureae, quae iungant nos.

Proposal for an European Anthem
Music: "Freude, schöner Götterfunken", Beethoven

segunda-feira, maio 02, 2005

A language shift

For the sake of a reading audience I have decided that this blog will henceforth be written in the tongue of Shakespeare. I may decide to post in Portuguese occasionally everytime I wish to talk about a subject which chiefly concerns Portuguese-speakers.

Many were the events in the last few months that could have been the subject of many posts here. I have successfully averted the need to talk about the latest general election in Portugal or the election of the new pontiff. Which is good, because I sense that it could have led to the mustering of a bashing crowd.

Let us wait for more amiable times.